Obscure Movies I Love

Inspired by @longtimetrekker. Everyone in the whole world needs to see these movies.
  1. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    One of the rare (very VERY rare) times when the movie is better than the book (it's ok to say this because the author wrote the script for it).
  2. Sing Street
    I probably won't shut about this movie ever. It was the best + it includes a fake band with real amazing songs.
  3. Only Yesterday
    Studio Ghibli from the 90s that is BEAUTIFUL.
  4. Decoy Bride
    That one time David Tennant was in a rom com and it was the best rom com ever.
  5. Band Slam
    Yes Aly Michalka and Vanessa Hudgens are in this which makes it look like a terrible Disney channel movie but it is NOT. JUST TRUST ME. DAVID BOWIE'S IN IT.
  6. Miss Representation
    One of the best/empowering documentaries you'll ever watch.
  7. In Your Eyes
    That one time Joss Whedon made a romantic drama with @zoe in it and it was BEAUTIFUL.
  8. What If
    @zoe and Daniel Radcliffe in the other best rom com in the world.
  9. Strictly Ballroom
    I'm not even really sure why I love this movie so much. I just do.