@maryyhorne because she was "appalled" that I watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  1. I will defend Avatar to the death. It has led to something that's truly become a part of my identity.
    Ha that sounds super dramatic. But it's fine.
  2. Avatar was really the first cartoon/animated series that I really appreciated as an artist and story teller.
    Sure it's just a cartoon for kids, but it's so much more than that. It has diversity and well thought out storylines and huge character arcs and developments. It takes place in such a fascinating and creative world with its own animals, culture and politics. It's funny and sweet and heartbreaking and Important.
  3. Before I watched that, I was NOT into cartoons/anime or anything.
    My uncle made me watch Spirited Away when I was little. It scarred me.
  4. Watching Howl's Moving Castle for the first time was something else.
    Avatar got me thinking that maybe other animated movies and things weren't so bad. I was right, this movie is stunning.
  5. I'd always wanted to be an artist but I'd never made the connection of art to animation before.
    The kids at my new art studio helped. There were some amazing artists, but they didn't want to be painters or illustrators, they wanted to animate. And they used cartoons and anime as study guides almost.
  6. I knew I couldn't be an animator.
    Animators draw faces and people, something I was terrible at. Not only that, they needed to be able to CREATE animals and characters and cities from no reference, just their head. I couldn't do that! I couldn't even draw a proportional face.
  7. But that didn't mean I couldn't appreciate how beautiful animation could be.
    Of course I wanted to say I wanted to be an animator, but I still couldn't do faces. But maybe I could draw the backgrounds or something. (I got over this, don't worry. Art improvement is real.)
  8. Watching anime really took my whole animation interest to a new level.
    Anime isn't really "artsy". Ouran High School Host Club was my first anime. I was just curious. I wasn't totally a fan of the style, but I thought if the story was good enough, the style wouldn't matter as much.
  9. It was totally different than anything I'd ever watched before.
    It gave me a bit of a culture shock at first. It was unapologetically insane. I was also shocked at how much I liked it. It really was art as much as a Studio Ghibli film was. Louder and brasher, but art in its own way.
  10. Animation is one of the most under appreciated works of art.
    But that kind of makes it better I think. Most people just see garish kids cartoons, but the right person, artist, aspiring animator, or kid (the "intended audience") can appreciate the story and art that goes into it.
  11. There's something so freeing about the medium.
    Any concept you like, in any world you like. It can get as dark as you like and then as light as you want in the same 5 minutes. The purpose is to tell a story, the purpose is to connect people, the purpose is to create. There aren't budget restraints or worry about how your production team is going to figure out how to make the audience believe that this dragon is for real. The audience believes the dragon is real because it's as real as your character is.
  12. Animation has the potential to connect story with art in such a raw way.
    It isn't all just a way to get that kid to drag their parents to the the theater to see ANOTHER Ice Age movie. It isn't all just for brainwashing kids into a certain kind of thinking.
  13. It can be art.
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  20. I mean it can get kind of weird sometimes too.
    But that's just part of the fun.