Other than the obvious kind of Fight Night Friday where teenage boys beat each other up. (It's a thing.)
  1. Friday Fight With Your Friend Over Who Was Wrong/Right That One Time In 2008 Night
  2. Friday Fight With Your Emotional Outbursts While Pinteresting Sad Harry Potter Headcannons At 2 AM Night
  3. Friday Fight With The Stay In/Go Out Dilemma Night
  4. Friday Fight Over What We Should Netflix Night
    Glee obviously. Don't give me any of this "Prison Break" crap.
  5. Friday Fight Over Curfew Night
    10:15?! Are you kidding??
  6. Friday Fight Over Who DJs In The Car Night
    Honey, we can only handle your Top 40s playlist before our ears start bleeding at the sound of "Cake By the Ocean."
  7. Friday Fight With Your Crippling Lonliness Night
  8. Friday Fight Over What Movie To Go See Night