1. Tonight my mom asked my family to pray for Donald Trump.
  2. She doesn't support him, but she asked us to pray that *somehow* some good might come out of this nightmare.
  3. That there will be a peaceful succession of power.
  4. But I can't pray for him.
  5. I don't want to pray for him.
  6. I want to protest against him.
  7. This reality is a nightmare.
  8. The one thing that I will hope and pray for is that at the end of this administration we will all wake up.
  9. And act.
  10. And fight to make sure this doesn't happen again.
  11. I'll pray that the right people will step up.
  12. That we'll keep each other safe during this terrifying time. That we'll look out for each other— stand up for each other.
  13. Nothing is ever going to change if we just stand by and watch everything fall apart.
  14. I'm just... I'm sick of people accepting injustices and inequalities because it's "just the way things are," because it's "out of our control."
  15. I'm sick of the passive voice that surrounds me in my community.
    Of course that's "just the way things are." That'll just be the way things ALWAYS will be unless we do something.
  16. So I'm praying for the safety of our minorities.
  17. I'm praying that our love will trump all this hate.
  18. I'm praying that we'll get through this.
  19. And I'm praying that we'll wake up.
  20. I just want to wake up.