A girl I know asked me to fill out a survey for a psychology course she's taking. All the questions were based around social media, "how often do you use it", "how many social media apps do you have", and "do you think you'd be happier without social media?" The answer you were SUPPOSED to go with was yes, obviously. But I said no.
  1. It keeps me connected with family.
    Lauren moved out this year, and she's honestly one of my best friends. Social media keeps us connected, sort of like she didn't really leave. Plus we get along better when she's not home to leave her crap everywhere and for me to yell at her. 😉
  2. It keeps me inspired.
    I love following my favorite artists or television stars and I'll just say it-- I'm obsessed with Rowan Blanchard. Seeing cool things other people do make me want to make/do my own cool things.
  3. I stay updated with the world.
    I like knowing what's going on in your area, in the world, in fields you're interested or care about. Social media makes that easier.
  4. It gives me an outlet to share.
    Through social media I can share anything I create, and get such a wider perspective on it than just my circle of friends/family who don't even get what I'm trying to do anyways.
  5. It connects people.
    There's something so cool about a lot of people getting together and getting excited over one thing. It's really beautiful. I adore seeing snapchat stories of people at an event all excited and sharing in one thing.