Not to be confused with Reasons I Hate Myself, a completely different list
  1. I procrastinate everything
    Like my giant English assignment and my giant math assignment that I should be working on right now but... Here we are
  2. I'm selfish
    I make people drive me places and take me to movies they don't want to see
  3. I make way too many lists
  4. I use omg wtf wth and emojis way too often
  5. Sometimes instead saying hi I say greetings and salutations
    Because I think I'm funny but really I'm just Heathers Trash TM
  6. I'm Heathers Trash TM
    My parents are very concerned
  7. I have a tumblr
  8. I eat junk
    My moms a health nut but I always manage to work in at least 3 chocolate chip cookies and a large order of french fries into my diet daily
  9. My username on is finesse— like how pompous is that?
  10. I can't hold on to money to save my life
    I seriously need to work on this one actually. I currently have $20 to my name and it sucks
  11. Gahhhjhhh