I work at a music shop that sells music and the occasional instrument. I recently found out that I can get a ukulele for a super awesome discount so now I'm just saving and pining after this really gorgeous one with mother of pearl set into the frets.
  1. Like this but not this
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  2. It's cute.
    "What instruments do you play?" "Oh you know the piano... And the ukulele!" AW HOW CUTE
  3. It's easier to play than a guitar
    Like it's just so little and the noises are so little aw cute
  4. It makes every song sound better and more happy.
    Every song.
  5. They're just so pretty
    You can't really appreciate the value of a ukulele until you work in a store that sells quality ones. There are so many pretty different ways to make a ukulele. And when ever anybody is demoing one everything just automatically become happier.
  6. I really want to be able to play Steven Universe songs.
    Steven Universe is a cartoon on Cartoon Network that occasionally features AMAZING songs. They're all (mostly) on the ukulele.
  7. I'm going to Hawaii soon (???)
    This isn't really a super valid reason but it is true.
  8. It would make me 9.7 times cooler/cuter
    "Look-- she's got a ukulele!" "AW she just became 9.7 times cooler/cuter!!" -- Actual dialogue that would follow me everywhere if only I had a ukulele