1. @joannfabrics is savage
    @finny_in_space and I send their lists to each other periodically
  2. #utahgoals
  3. I love this and I love Brooklyn Nine Nine
  4. Grumpy me c. 8th grade
    Posted by my friend who's now like a fairly popular internet drag queen so. There's that.
  5. I love cartoons. That is all.
  6. Just appreciating this interaction between @Debby and @ColeSprouse
    And having serious Suite Life on Deck flashbacks.
  7. "Permanent mood"
    Snapchat filters make everything fun.
  8. That one time @lucille 's your mom jokes actually got inappropriate
  9. That one time the group text was actually funny
  10. My aesthetic
    Star vs. The Forces of Evil
  11. That one friend that never replies
  12. Validating my use of slang
  13. John Green's snapchat
  14. Phew
  15. Tired of your crap
  16. That one time I accidentally updated my friend on my location.
  17. Parking With Parrish gives me life.