Inspired by @shreyasaurus
  1. The black girl riding in the same subway car as me c. December 2015
    I just remember thinking that she was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. I can't really remember specifically what she looked like, but she was just talking to (I assumed) her mom and sisters and she was just beautiful.
  2. The man that seemed homeless and came into my work to play a mandolin for like 2+ hours
    I work in a music store. He had a dirty backpacking backpack that I let him put behind the counter while he played.
  3. A rough/cool/hipster group of teenagers I saw coming out from eating at a Costco
    They just looked so cool I was kind of fascinated with them
  4. The Colombian man I met in a park in Ecuador that sort of spoke English
    He really loved Colombia. He didn't really talk about much else. It's not something I feel like we're really aware of, but nationalism like isn't a thing in America. I feel like we all kind of hate it here. It was an interesting different point of view.
  5. The kid who works at the Wendy's in Sugar House who always looks so sad and also really familiar
    Every time I've been to this Wendy's he's been working. I know I know him somehow but I have no idea from where (my friend recognized him too so I know I'm not crazy). He just always looks really forlorn.