1. The name James
    I am not very good at coming up with boy names and I seem to always come back to James idk why
  2. A character stiffens when someone touches their arm/hugs them/tries to comfort them
    I could make a whole list just quoting times it's happened in my writing
  3. Someone is bleeding during a dramatic moment for some reason
    They trip and fall and cut their knee or there's a broken window and they cut their hand and they're crying and there's blood and it's way too dramatic
  4. A character forgets someone's name
    "Oh no, there's girl. What's her name? She's coming over here. It's Emma isn't it? Elizabeth maybe...?"
  5. The name Beau
    I've named both female and male characters Beau and I don't even like this name that much.
  6. People being anti social.
    "I just don't want to be around people right now."
  7. Schizophrenic episodes
    ... it was a phase.