Styles That Will Be SO 2016

Inspired by @roche @Boogie @BWN_7 @taylormorley @lizabeth and everyone else. Since I'm still in high school, I can't really be embarrassed about what I wore (am wearing?) in high school. YET.
  1. Arrows
    Cute arrows on EVERYTHING.
  2. Adidas Superstars
    These shoes are a must have (if you're going to be cool.)
  3. Ripped jeans
    I don't think they'll be in style forever. I could be wrong. I'm probably going to be wrong.
  4. Stripes
    S T R I P E S.
  5. Round rimmed glasses
    Very chic, very cute, very TRENDY.
  6. PINK
    Victoria Secret's clothing brand PINK is the new Jucy Couture
  7. Swing dress
    Honestly hope these are always in style because they're comfy af
  8. Baseball tees
  9. Alex & Ani Bracelets
    Yup teenage girls are still stacking bracelets. Except now they cost $30 a bangle.
  10. White converse
    I honestly don't get theses. They're shoes. They're GOING to get dirty.
  11. Tying things around your waist
  12. Two piece formal dresses
    Very popular and trendy, will be VERY embarrassing in 10 years.
  13. SO 2016 🙄