Inspired by @plaidflannel
  1. Read everything
    Lists, twitter, BuzzFeed... It's like an anxiety thing, I think things will get better if I can just figure out as much as I can about what's happening? It's flawed logic, but it calms my nerves idk
  2. Listened to a lot of NPR
  3. Listened to a lot of Hamilton
    If you scream Hamilton's part in A Farmer Refuted it helps a little bit.
  4. Listened to the Hamilton Mixtape's remix of My Shot
    Like... 10 times? I lost count.
  5. Listened to an episode of Buffering the Vampire Slayer
    Which was released a little early in wake of the election, bless their hearts. It was really what I needed. (They also liked my tweet about it(!!!))
  6. Listened to a new episode of the Orbiting Human Circus
    Just... a lot of podcasts today. It's was a good escape.
  7. Was thankful for Obamas and puppies
    Didn't write the poem, but doesn't it just speak to your soul?
  8. Was thankful for Grouplove
    And considered buying a plane ticket to Washington to see their show because that would've been EXACTLY what I needed. Blasted their songs instead.
  9. Was thankful for Zendaya
    Not everything's bad. Look— Zendaya's going to be in the new Spider-Man movie.
  10. Talked about it with my mom
    Who voted for Hillary.
  11. Ranted about it to my sister
    Who sat quietly and listened to me go on and on and on...
  12. Had an actually (mostly) okay discussion about what happened with one of my republican friends
    I only yelled a little bit. He didn't yell at all, which was appreciated.
  13. Listened to Hillary's concession speech
    And cried.
  14. Watched videos of protestors
    And cried.
  15. Drove up to the top of a hill in the dark.
    And cried.
  16. Wrote this list.
    Everything feels broken. I know everyone's scared. I know I'm scared. Just... we can't give up, not now or ever.
  17. To quote Lin-Manuel's mom:
    "This too, shall pass."