I am constantly loosing all of these things.
  1. Skull Candy ear buds
    I have like three different pairs and they all cycle through being the one I use and the one I've lost
  2. Sketchbook
    I steal these really fat mini spiral bound ones from my art classroom whenever I loose one. Probably have like four floating around my life. Somewhere...
  3. (School days) Fjallraven Kånken bag
    I know. I'm a horrible millennial tumblr white girl. But I love this bag.
  4. (Not school days) my Sakroots purse
    I really love this bag too. It's not too big but it's big enough to fit the important stuff.
  5. My Waterbottle
    This is basically my child. I drink a lot of water.
  6. Puppy Cat Wallet
    I love this thing. Plus it's big enough that I can fit my phone inside and a million pointless receipts and every giftcard I've ever received!
  7. Two black hair ties
    You never know when you might need to braid your hair.