Inspired by @finny_in_space if you had told twelve year old me I was into these I would've been very angry/disappointed. But here we are.
  1. Going to dances.
    They're actually fun?
  2. Glee
    Technically this is more recent but whatever.
  3. Tumblr
    I'm basically queen of the Heathers fandom as proofed by this notification I got last month 👑
  4. Horror movies.
    It's actually had to find one that makes me scared to go to bed. Good thing or...?
  5. Doc Martens.
    I'm only showing up like what 30 years late to this trend?
  6. My friend's parrot.
    I can actually handle having her on my shoulder now and I mean come on, she's so freaking cute.
  7. Hamilton.
    No regrets.
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist.
  9. Steven Universe.
    Okay too many things on this list have been cartoons.
  10. Succulents.
    My pride and joy.
  11. Football games.
    They can (on occasion) be kinda fun.
  12. Acrylic painting.
    No the best example but yeah, this is my first acrylic painting.
  13. Volleyball.
    I've been playing since 2012 but this year was the first time I ever really got into it. (Totally my awesome team's fault)
  14. Parks and Rec
  15. Community.
  16. Teen Wolf.
    Hard to believe it was just this year. Man.
  17. Hot sauce.
    It's good on everything.
  18. Public school.
  19. Make-up
    My eyebrows thank me for this 💁🏼