1. Adam Sandler
    He is neither funny or handsome, two things you would think would be necessary before staring in a rom com AND YET
  2. Morning people
  3. Bumper stickers
    Maybe your bumper sticker is funny like "my zombie ate your honor student" or hey cool you like Doctor Who, join the friggin club. Honestly no matter the sticker I think they just kind of look tacky. No one wants to be bombarded with your opinion while running errands
  4. Not liking chocolate
  5. Country music
    I legitimately don't understand the appeal. At all.
  6. People that don't go to doctors
    ?????? How are you still alive??
  7. Wanting/being really opposed to being ginger
    I've met people who very clearly have PLAIN BROWN hair but are adamant that they are ginger and then I've met people with red hair that are so offended when you call them ginger. Look if your hair is red, you're a ginger if it's brown you're NOT. I don't see why this is so complicated for people.
  8. Supporting Donald Trump
    Firm believer that if you do support him (and you're a half decent person) it's because you don't know enough about him
  9. Medicine ads
    Why do we advertise for medicine?! You don't need to advertise stuff like that! And it's always like "ask your doctor if this is right for you", like come on has anyone ever actually done that?? EVER? Like "hey doctor, I know you're the one who went to SCHOOL for like a MILLION YEARS so that you could tell me what medicine to take but I saw this ad on tv..."