My true valentines this year aka things I love so much they make me cry
  1. My volleyball team.
    Don't get me started on how much I love them, tears may get involved.
  2. Rowan of course. 💕
  3. Chiara Bautista's work.
    It's all stunning. Also makes me want to cry.
  4. My squad.
    Ohana means squad. ✌️
  5. My Murray High Theater Sweat pants.
    I am not in Murray High Theater. These pants are covered in paint. I love them.
  6. Heathers.
    Idek man
  7. Garnet
    She's just amazing.
  8. My water bottle.
    It has lost of stickers on it and it's v cute.
  9. My sisters.
  10. The Twelfth Doctor.
    I really thought I was going to hate him. I was S O wrong. He's so incredible and amazing and I love him.
  11. Willow.
    My child.
  12. Slaughter House 5.
  13. Tyler Posey.
    He's just my favorite.
  14. Salt and vinegar almonds.
    Life staple.
  15. The ukulele.
    *soft crying in the distance*
  16. Jonathon Groff
    I love my Groffsauce.