He is hip from his round rimmed glasses to his novelty socks, but on the inside he's a grumpy 84 year old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn, (he's probably my favorite teacher).
  1. "If another one of you mentions boats in this essay I will put my head through a wall."
    Or something along these lines. Putting boats into everything has become a class project after this.
  2. "You guys remember my jokes better than you remember the actual material."
    Sadly true. He probably said this after a bunch of kids in first period drew boats all over his world map.
  3. "After the AP test I don't want to do anything so bring Disney movies. We'll watch whichever one has the least amount of singing in it."
    He has all of the Emperor's New Grove memorized.
  4. "You burnouts better make these posters top quality."
    He's taken to calling us burnouts lately.
  5. "Bernie Sanders isn't liberal enough for me."
  6. "I haven't had my hopes up since 1997"
    He was fifteen.