I care. But why do I care? 🤔
  1. Everything anyone says on Twitter
    Twitter is truly a new source of news. You see tweets quoted in CNN articles and big shots are held so closely accountable to what they tweet; but it's also where teenagers spout every stupid angsty thought that comes to mind.
  2. Emojis
    Sure they're useful when texting and stuff, but do we really need pillows and stickers and t-shirts of the 😂 and 😍?
  3. Buzzfeed
    I've thought about this since President Obama made a joke at the Correspondent's Dinner about how Buzzfeed was becoming a more prominent source of news. Which is weird because it's true. I use Buzzfeed as a primary source to get news about shootings and politics and things, and then I take quizzes that tell me when I'm going to get married and watch people eat hamburgers that are supposed to taste like human.
  4. Singers' personal lives
    All celebrities' lives are put under microscopes, but singers get so much more heat than actors. For example, people were so against Taylor Swift during all the Kardashian drama, but when an actor is petty or screws up people are like eh it's fine. They're still hot and can still convince me that they're a decent human.
  5. Celebrities in general
    Specifically the Kardashians. I don't think you can go through a whole day without hearing a mention of them. The whole concept of celebrity is bizarre if you really think about it. Why do we spend so much time caring about these people?
  6. Spoilers
    Does knowing the ending truly ruin the story? Why do we care so much? Isn't the whole fun in the middle anyways? (I mean I care WAY too much, and will kill anyone who gives me a spoiler, but why?)
  7. Donald Trump
    The whole country took his campaign too seriously. Clearly it's just a really elaborate practical joke. Right?