Songs that have positive memories associated with them and whenever you hear them you're zapped back to that happy moment. Ya know?
  1. Dreams: the Cranberries
    This is one from my childhood that came on the radio the other day while riding around with @finny_in_space. It makes any moment a Movie Moment.
  2. Downtown: Macklemore
    I first heard this song at a school dance and I was dancing with some friends and I didn't know the words but knew enough to sing along with the "Downtown" part
  3. Apple Bottom Jeans
    Not the real title of this song but does anybody really care? I associate this song with driving around in my best friend's dad's car blasting this probably going to get McFlurries
  4. Stuck in the Middle: Steelers Wheels
    I went to a weird private school last year and parts of it sucked and other parts didn't. I remember driving to lunch in our schools Sprinter Vans jamming out to this one.
  5. New Years Eve
    Went to Moochies for the first time with @williamharrison and @finny_in_space and it just feels really good to scream along with this song.
  6. Beautiful Day: U2
    My dad used to blast this song when we would go wash the car on Saturdays.
  7. Time to Begin: Imagine Dragons
    Walking home from my best friend's house one day and just singing this at the top of my lungs.
  8. This Kiss: Faith Hill
    The one song that my mom gets excited about when it plays on the radio. Makes me think of parent trap and Disney princess wrapping paper for some reason
  9. Oh Sherrie: Steve Perry
    Watching the music video to this with my best friend in her living room. Have you ever seen this music video? It's weird af
  10. Electric Love: BØRNS
    I first heard this song in my AP art class and I was just happy where I was and the music made it like a movie.
  11. Breezeblocks: Alt- J
    I had a teacher at my old school that used to play this song like all the time.
  12. Cold War Kids
    Any of their songs.
  13. Gold on the Ceiling
    Going somewhere w Candelynne
  14. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
    Driving up to Sundance Festival with my friend while listening to this album. The car was really warm and I almost fell asleep. I had really good escargot that day.
  15. Psycho Killer: Talking Heads
    Driving around Hawaii with my family and we were all just singing along with this.