Under-Appreciated Things I Love

Just let me yell at everyone for half a sec
  1. Labyrinth
    No one is as into this movie as they should be. You don't even have to actually love it— just appreciate that it exists. It's BOWIE with JIM HENSEN PUPPETS. At one point a puppet TAKES OUT ITS OWN EYES AND ROLLS THEM LIKE DICE. It's INSANE. The aesthetic alone should make it one of Tumblr's sweetheart gif-ables. Just love it ironically for me.
  2. Alabama Shakes
    Just go watch one of their videos. https://youtu.be/AI6nIJ-anYQ here's a link for my lazy loves. But GUYS. Brittany Howard is an unstoppable FORCE. HER PERFORMING PRESENCE ALONE CARRIES THE WHOLE BAND. Not like they need it because their songs are SO GREAT.
  3. Community/Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Everyone LISTEN. These shows are HILARIOUS and HEARTWARMING. Go watch them NOW.
  4. Carry On
    Not enough people know about how amazing this book is. Let me tell you— IT'S GOOD.
  5. A Knight's Tale
    Guys. GUYS. This movie is GOLDEN. It's has young Heath Ledger in it and it's funny and SO MUCH FUN.
  6. Pistachio ice cream
    I know it SOUNDS gross, but it's actually amazing. Try it.
  7. Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi
    Ok so. Hannah and Christian are the lead singers in Grouplove. They're also a couple. And they have a little baby named Willa. And she just like goes on tour with them (tour baby! @finny_in_space.) They just OOZE cool.
  8. But more about Grouplove
    BECAUSE THIS IS HOW GROUPLOVE WAS STARTED: so Hannah and Christian met and at the end of the day they were hanging out or whatever Hannah was like "I think you're my soul mate. Will you come to Rome with me?" And Christian was like "yeah let's go" and while they were IN ROME they met the rest of the band members and THAT'S HOW THEY ALL MET. Someone make me a docu drama asap? I feel like I'm getting off topic.
  9. Michelle Obama
    Jk everyone appreciates her. 👸🏾