Utah culture stuff
  1. Fry sauce
    Yes we have a quart of this in my home from the BYU Creamery.
  2. Studio C
    If you don't watch this most of your life feels like being left out of hilarious inside jokes that everyone gets except you.
  3. Going to see the lights at Temple Square in the winter.
    Go to date for basically every one. Followed by hot chocolate at City Creek obvi
  4. Chick-fil-a
    There are 10 Chick-Fil-A's within 10 miles of me right now.
  5. Maxi chevron skirts
    Especially in this color.
  6. Megaplex theaters
    Most Utahans probably don't even realize that this is a Utah thing.
  7. LDS Movies in Megaplex theaters
    But okay. This movie was actually pretty good.
  8. Cafe Rio
    Another thing most Utahans won't realize is a Utah thing. It's just like the place to go for Mexican food. (And its s o g o o d)
  9. Princess Bride
    Of course I know people outside of Utah have seen this movie. But I also feel like no one that lives in Utah hasn't?
  10. Hot Rod?
    Again I know this isn't specifically a Utah thing. But everyone just loves this movie so much? It's not even that funny
  11. Leatherby's
    Oh man.