Watching Sixteen Candles for the First Time

Wait... What?
  1. Shower????scene???
    This movie is literally rated pg
  2. Ted is so awkward please just leave
  3. Sam's sister is the weirdest.
  4. So so is Molly Ringwald commando for the rest of this movie?
  5. H a t
  6. "Jake I can't drive" "I trust you."
    Wth Jake you're just gonna give your fathers car to this 15 year old you barely know??? Not to mention trust him with YOUR VERY DRUNK GIRL FRIEND.
  7. Not totally sold on Jake's motivations here.
    Just doesn't make sense. So he gets this note that she's kind of into him and is like ok I'm gonna spend the whole rest of this movie trying to get with her?? Would not happen in real life.
  8. This character is so offensive.
    Oh my goshhhhhh