Unless my husband is exactly like me/doesn't care about our children's future/I end up a cool independent woman adopting babies cause I don't need no man, most of these names probably won't happen. But. I can dream.
  1. Harlow
    Totally stole this name from @finny_in_space but she hates it now and I love it so it all works out.
  2. Rome/possibly Romeo
    There was actually a really adorable child at a day care I worked at one summer named Romeo and it was so cute, but Romeo might be a bit too iconic/weird even for me, so Rome works too.
  3. Monet
    I am actually going to do this one. I love this as a name. Bonus: the name of my friend's little sister
  4. Hero
    I read a book when I was younger where the main character's name was Hero like from Much Ado About Nothing. The character hated her name but I really like it.
  5. Zelda
    After Zelda Fitzgerald
  6. Fin
    Because it's like my last name and also from a book I read once
  7. Kal-El but everyone calls him Clark
    Another golden idea from @finny_in_space which I think is hilarious. Imagine being this kid and revealing to your friends that your real name isn't actually Clark.
  8. Ace
    For a boy. I think it's cool.
  9. Something Japanese
    I like Japanese names. Tome, Haku, Taeko, there's a lot to choose from.