1. Yes! That username is available!
    Forget underscores and numbers, whatever you can think of, chances are it isn't taken
  2. People are so nice.
    There's no such thing as Li.st feuds and no angry comments on every other post.
  3. Everyone's educated.
    You'd be hard pressed to find the angry idiotic political rantings of Facebook here.
  4. (Almost) everyone is following more people than they're followed by.
    With the exception of a few beta testers or suggested users of course, everyone's following more than they have followers. And that's okay.
  5. There's no illusion of the "perfect life"
    Something you run into on most social media platforms is that you only see the perfect moments of someone's life. This doesn't happen on li.st.
  6. There actually is a sense of community
    I feel like this is something Instagram is always talking about, how they're building up a "creative community" but I also feel like it's kind of BS. On li.st everyone's friends we're just all here bonding over our mutual love of @bjnovak
  7. Your opinions are always valid.
    Almost without exception, our community respects your perspective. Don't be scared to honestly, kindly share the way you view the world!
    Suggested by @finny_in_space
  8. No troll
    Last available troll free space on the internet
    Suggested by @Bnj
  9. You can learn from everyone.
    I appreciate learning from others with very diverse backgrounds.
    Suggested by @MaddyandOwensMom
  10. My boss doesn't know about it. Yet.
    One reason FB and Instagram posts are falsely joyful is because someone IS ALWAYS WATCHING and will gleefully throw you under the bus
    Suggested by @rbsadie
  11. You'll learn new things
    Li.st is full of interesting, creative folks who share their points of view and passions freely. You'll learn a lot just lurking, but requesting li.sts is a great way to get honest insight.
    Suggested by @rearroon