1. Artist
    First drawing ever: balloons. I was three.
  2. Ballerina
    I have a very distinct memory of being in ballet class as a seven year old and getting very upset that the teacher was complimenting the girl next to me and thinking, "she should be saying that to me!"
  3. Fashion designer
    Very into this for a little bit, I watched a lot of Project Runway.
  4. Librarian
    I just had a really fantastic school librarian. She made it look like so much fun.
  5. Author
    I have several Google docs full of unfinished novels.
  6. Singer
    Let's be honest-- everyone wanted to be a pop star at some point.
  7. Princess
    Yes, this was around the time of Will and Kate's wedding.
  8. Psychiatrist
    Probably not the best idea since I had to look up how to spell this.
  9. Animator
    Current ambition; twelve years later and we're back to artist.