Being single means deciphering awkward pauses, curious smiles, and small talk jokes. The ever douchey question, is she hitting on me? Here are the top scenarios In question.
  1. Coffeeshop Baristas
  2. Sales Associates you see repeatedly.
  3. Bartenders, midday.
  4. Anyone who ever gives you a complimentary upgrade in person.
  5. Waitresses
  6. Bank Tellers
  7. Coworkers
  8. Gym Staff
  9. Delta Check-in Attendants
  10. Gym girl who says hi. every. single. day.
  11. Customer Service Technical Support
  12. New follows in Instagram
  13. Everyone at the Apple Store
  14. The Girl whose boob/butt grazed your side while at a crowded bar.
  15. News Anchors
  16. Santa's Elves
  17. Girl at the bar who chats with you all night and asks gives you their number.
  18. Taylor Swift