I got a college care package today from @ameliaville !!!
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    My cute sister @finesse signed me up for a care package
    Without my knowledge (although I put it together after she made me text her my address)
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    And you guys. This made my day.
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    Never been more excited to see saltines.
    I've spent the weekend with a stomach bug, and even when I don't feel like eating anything, I can always eat a saltine.
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    @ameliaville said she couldn't find me a Mr. Goodbar, so she hoped this would do.
    Um, YES. This was delicious. What.
  5. β€’
    Some hardbound J. K. Rowling!
    I left all my Harry Potter books at my parent's home when I moved out. These books are GORGEOUS. I love having them on my shelf.
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    I can't remember ever listing about this, but ask @williamharrison and he'll tell you: every time I'm in a store to buy ANYTHING, I'm making a case for why I should also be buying slippers. These are going to get so. Much. Use out of me.
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    This card though
    I loved all of your advice and I read it to my roommate too 😊. I really needed to hear this today.
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    This made my whole day feel brighter.
    My coworkers were super nice to me today, my creative writing class loved my writing sample, I got to talk to an old roommate, my backpack feels lighter, etc., etc.
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    Thank you so much @ameliaville and thank you so much @amieshmamie for setting me up!