A-List Celebrities (According to Me)

  1. Glen Weldon
    He has the best brain in the world, in my opinion. If I could wander around NPR behind him and Linda Holmes for a day, I would die happy.
  2. J.J. Field
    The perfect and completely underrated Austen hero. Seeing him in Nothanger Abbey and Austenland WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME.
  3. Mike Birbiglia
    My favorite comedic writer. I love his structure. I love his delivery. I've loved watching his act evolve through the years and I LOVE 'Don't Think Twice' more than anything. When I'm writing, it isn't uncommon for me to ask myself how he would tell this story.
  4. Janette Rallison
    I was completely obsessed with her books in junior high and high school. I still think she's one of the sweetest, most intelligent YA romance writers ever born, AND SHE GETS NO CRED. Her daughter goes to my university and apparently passed along the message last year. I died.