1. We've been together for almost two years now.
  2. We've had some great times.
  3. I loved the thrill of chasing after a celebrity repost.
  4. You always managed to surprise me by sneaking sweet little notifications into my day.
  5. I used to get such a rush when I saw I was trending.
  6. But recently...it's felt like the fireworks are gone.
  7. More specifically, the confetti.
  8. I feel like the work I'm putting into this goes ignored.
  9. And yet, you can't function for an hour without notifying me about it.
  10. So few of the reasons I fell in love with you even exist anymore!
  11. And today it's "You're moving on from drafts?"
  12. You don't seem interested in hearing my feedback.
  13. But I'm begging you.
  14. WIN ME BACK, li.st