I'm about to screw with your brain.
  1. You know those two colleges you're trying to decide between?
    Let's just say you pick...one of them. Do with that what you will.
  2. You know that friend you know you're never going to stop talking to?
    Don't worry, you're right! It's actually them that stops talking to you.
  3. You know that crazy thing you swore you'd never do?
    You're totally gonna do it.
  4. You know that thing you're having nightmares about?
    Not as bad as you think. Oh, unless you assumed I meant that other thing. Yeah, that other thing is a literal waking nightmare.
  5. You know that off-Broadway show that you passed up about four opportunities to see when you were in New York this winter?
    It's the hottest ticket since Wicked now.