And here's how that went down
  1. Last night, I lost a game of Truth or Dare over the phone.
    @williamharrison is out of town, but he likes to torment me no matter what state he's living in.
  2. To be clear, if he and I were cartoon characters, he would be the EMBODIMENT of a dare.
    He's begging you to ask him to jump off your balcony into the hot tub.
  3. And I would be the embodiment of a truth.
    I work pretty hard at not having anything near an interesting truth confession in my arsenal, so it's usually a safe bet.
  4. But in a horrific twist, I shook things up and went with dare yesterday.
  5. Which is how I got stuck with this.
  6. It's a very awkward photo whether or not you recognize who it is.
  7. And I feel like it perfectly toes the line between creepy and possibly just weirdly sincere.
  8. So I've been checking my phone very covertly this morning.
  9. Thus far, nobody at work had noticed
    I think.
  10. But all the same...slow clap for @williamharrison 🙄