A list of things I thought about posting over this past week, but didn't
  1. The thank you letter I wrote to Hillary Clinton
    My thoughts were too scattered and long winded.
  2. A list about what I learned as an Exit Poll Volunteer
    I learned that people vote for a certain candidate or party more out of habit than anything else. Habit can be dangerous.
  3. A list about how cool my parents are
    Both strong republicans, who voted for Hillary Clinton and Evan McMullin.
  4. "The Time I Was of Minor Inconvenience to Donald Trump"
    The night he was in Salt Lake this spring, we tailed a limo out of town, that became very keen on shaking us off. I have no proof it took a crazy weird detour because of me, or who was inside it, but I'll be telling my grandchildren that I made Mr. Trump late for a flight.
  5. "Things That Made Me Happy This Week"
    Ice cream, prayers, and Dave Chappelle
  6. "Old White Dudes That Currently Aren't Ruining Anything"
    I was nervous that Google would tell me Paul Hollywood was, in fact, ruining something right now.