Bring it
  1. Why were you a vegetarian?
    Sorry if covered previously.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  2. @BWN_7 Because I was stubborn!
    My freshman year of high school, after watching one too many documentaries, I announced I wasn't going to eat meat anymore. My mom bet it wouldn't last longer than a week and I was DETERMINED to prove her wrong.
  3. What made you decide to leave the church if vegetarianism?
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  4. @BWN_7 I decided to give it up while I was in treatment for disordered eating last summer.
    My therapist noticed that I was using vegetarianism as an excuse to keep restricting what I ate.
  5. What was your first bite of meat at the end of the 5 years?
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  6. @BWN_7 It was bacon bits on my pizza.
    I took it real slow.
  7. What meat(s) were you craving, if any, while still vegetarian?
    How about now? Same or different?
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  8. @BWN_7 In-n-Out burgers.
    Still always In-n-Out.
  9. How are you feeling?
    Suggested by @jannychan
  10. @jannychan Really good!
    Less cold all the time and I stay full longer.
  11. Before the "challenge" from your mom, what was your favorite meat-related dish/meal?
    Do you still crave it? Will you have it again or has your palate changed too much?
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  12. @BWN_7 I was never a really big meat eater, but I loved pepperoni pizza. Now I hate it.
  13. Do you feel the urge to convert any vegetarians you know back to eating meat?
    Suggested by @spicymeatball
  14. @spicymeatball NO! My friends that are vegetarians do it because they care about animals or the environment or their health. They're super cool.
    But this year that sometimes people—especially young girls—use vegetarianism as a gateway to more restrictive, disordered eating. So I just want to make sure young vegetarians know there are tons of healthy veggie options out there for them and that they're taking care of their bodies first. ❤️❤️
  15. What are we going to do on the special day we set aside as Lauren Can Eat Meat Day now that you're just eating meat all the time?
    Suggested by @finesse
  16. @finesse Maybe I'll go real crazy and eat a steak this year.
  17. What vegetarian choices do you think you'll continue making regularly?
    Suggested by @theranman
  18. @theranman I'll keep using other proteins I learned how to prepare!
    This stuff is awesome. It's a flavored peanut butter substitute (or Nutella substitute) that you mix with water to make a paste. I also got really good at making eggs, and I have a lot of recipes involving cottage cheese.
  19. Are you going to have a meat eater trade places with you to equal things out? Like Joey did for Pheebs?
    I totally cut out meat to restrict in my youth, I was never able to reincorporate beef back in.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  20. @Boogie I hadn't even thought about this. 😳 Maybe @finesse is interested?
  21. Are you trying to make ethical/healthy choices about the meat you consume? Or just going at it full swing?
    That might sound judgemental... I don't mean it to... just curious about the choice to go carnivorous when you were a veggie at least partially for ethical reasons. How are you staying true to yourself whilst making different choices? Or do you feel differently about the ethical considerations than you did before? (Am I making sense?) 😘
    Suggested by @anacrookston
  22. @anacrookston You're good, I get it! ☺ I still feel the same way about it ethically.
    I would really love to be making super healthy, ethical, organized choices with my eating. This summer I had to focus on eating again, period. I hope I can get back to a place like that again though, even if I don't cut meat out completely.