In honor of both Aubrey Plaza AND Nick Offerman's birthdays today YOU GUYS
  1. When April sculpted a Ron Swanson out of marshmallows—
  2. —And it nearly made him cry
  3. When Ron bought April stuffed crows at Food n' Stuff
    The woman at the register asked if this is all, and Ron replied, "Yes. Just the crows and the beef."
  4. When April saved him from his hernia
  5. When April bought his cabin in the woods for $8, loose cough drops and Jerry's inhaler
    Suggested by @finesse
  6. When they threw away the free vegan bacon samples together
    Suggested by @spicymeatball
  7. Before April moves to Washington
    "This tree reminds me of you. It's strong, and quiet, and always here when you need it. Or whatever." Ron then tells the camera he had buried gold under that tree years ago.
    Suggested by @clillie