The easiest list I've ever written by far
  1. Laying out my outfits the day before
  2. Really big planners with tabs for the different months
  3. Blinkers on cars
  4. Choreographed flash mobs
  5. Knowing which hairstylist I'm going to before I go into the salon
  6. Memorizing lines
  7. To-do list apps
  8. Period tracker apps
  9. Watching plays I've seen before
  10. Those brand new roller coasters with maps of the track for you to look at when you're in line
  11. Whiteboards with the days of the week printed on them
  12. Calendars
  13. Parties with an end time
  14. Spoilers (sometimes)
    (Most times)
  15. Showering the night before