New Stuff on My Walls

  1. Some tasteful 30 Rock appreciation
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Sappy, only slightly ironic Disney quotes
  4. A screenshot of the moment I knew I was obsessed with Roman Holliday
  5. Words of wisdom from Michael Scott
  6. A tiny @finesse (been there all year but I needed to brag)
  7. A very confident Maria
  8. My version of "Hang in there!" cat posters
  9. This friendly reminder from Mia Thermopolis
  10. The garbage lady from Labyrinth
  11. "A bird may love a fish, signore..."
    Points if you get the reference.
  12. The creepiest photo I was able to find from the set of Romeo and Juliet
  13. My favorite athlete
  14. In memoriam
  15. Way too many photos of young Phill & Queen Elizabeth
    I'll just share the one.
  16. My motto
  17. Fin