Performing High School Musicals on the Set of 'High School Musical'

A lot of Disney Channel movies were shot at my high school—including the auditorium scenes from High School Musical. Revisiting the movie today brought back a lot of weirdly personal memories.
  1. That doorway between the dressing rooms and backstage was like a portal between universes.
    I liked to picture it like that. I got very into character. Even when my character was Bobbysoxer #1 in Guys and Dolls.
  2. This wing was right off of the dressing rooms and I LOVED to loiter around, right about where Zac Efron is here, and hope @williamharrison would talk to me before I had to go on for my next scene.
    He usually would.
  3. Our sets were a lot less impressive than theirs.
    Then again, any human being who has ever had even remote contact with theatre will tell you that High School Musical is the most inaccurate representation of basically everything.
  4. This screenshot is pretty reminiscent of how I fantasized about sneaking out of required assemblies.
  5. I never once had a standing ovation from my peers in these seats.
    I got standing ovations. Just not from my PEERS. If I had ever seen this much school spirit in the audience I would have broken character to ask if I was being punked.
  6. I made this terrified expression on that stage more than twice.
    When someone spit in my face while projecting or I completely flubbed my line.
  7. I know that terrified expression was never followed by such a confident costume change.
    Vanessa Hudgens is RIGHT over the orchestra pit. She's going to fall to her death any second.
  8. I was actually never kissed on this stage. Come on Zac.
    I did watch a lot of nasty stage kisses from here, though. NO TONGUE IN STAGE KISSING. The audience can always tell.
  9. The movie crew left that moon prop in the background behind. I stayed in our scenery storage for almost ten years.
    My senior year, we sold it at our Arts Fest for $20.
  10. I loved sitting over the edge of the stage with my feet dangling down while our director gave us notes.
    It was a really big space, but when we were crowded together for notes after a rehearsal, it felt as cozy and personal to me as my bedroom.
  11. My sister and I rewound our DVD until we found the exact seat Zac Efron sat in.
    I can now say with confidence my butt has located the same space as Zac Efron's on at least one confirmed occasion.
  12. We always painted our own sets. While we painted, we listened to show tunes that we all knew the words to. We danced a lot, but only if it had been previously choreographed.
    I was always begging for really artistic assignments. I wanted to "age the walls of the cottage" or "texture the VonTrapp's fountain's stones."
  13. This was the room where I was maybe the most nervous in my whole life until that point.
    It's also the room I felt the most bored in. And definitely the room I was the hungriest in, and the most tired. I cried in here a lot.
  14. It's also the room where I fell in love multiple times. With multiple people and stories and time period costumes—and ESPECIALLY the idea of performing.
    I met some of my best friends in this room. I felt beautiful and talented in this room. I worked the hardest I ever had and I was the proudest I'd ever been here.
  15. I just like knowing someone made this expression in that room.