(Titles my list like full-on click bait because I have no shame anymore)
  1. My job includes customer service, branding, and digital marketing for a moderately sized company
    I don't know who's making these decisions at li.st, but I'm confident that they haven't ever experienced the community like we have. They're looking at stats and drawing the wrong conclusions. All we can do is give them better stats, ratings, complaints
  2. Write a review on iTunes explaining why you're disappointed in the update.
    I am not even the smallest bit talk on this you guys
  3. Write an email to support@li.st explaining your feels and what you wish was different.
    Yep, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm going to seem a little crazy today
  4. Send a message to @listbot (?)
    I mean, maybe if you really want to ruin someone's day for a good cause
  5. Please keep posting if you can!
    Your lists are the reason that the rest of us love it here so much and want to make it a good place to be:)
  6. Troll your older siblings on the internet as a sacrifice to the clearly disconnected gods that run this broken app
    Suggested by @finesse
  7. Send a nicely worded letter, wax sealed and delivered to Li.st HQ expressing the concerns you have for the community. And then patiently wait (and be pissed off, which ever comes first 😅).
    Suggested by @BrentMWiggins
  8. Update: Maybe don't bug @listbot. Send your emails! 💌