Pure, Sweet Things

  1. There are human beings all over the world that are fiercely loyal to a specific house of a fictional British boarding school.
  2. The couple waiting for the train next to me just bought a box of popsicles at the grocery store and offered one to every person on the bench.
  3. Rachel made a "Clueless" reference last night on The Bachelorette.
  4. When I got in the car tonight, my dad changed the song from "Welcome to the Jungle" to a "Legally Blonde" reprise
  5. My phone malfunctioned beyond repair two days ago...the next morning, it was completely fine again.
  6. The way positioning on Pinterest made it look like Tom Hiddleston was giving me this compliment today.
    He even played F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris. 😍