(This is just me bragging about my stellar costars, please don't hate me for this)
  1. This is @finesse, my co-parent in babysitting this week. She did the dishes this morning just because.
    Isn't that nice?! She also keeps me updated on Hamilton's Tony count hourly and she shares wonderful book recommendations.
  2. This is @williamharrison, my other co-parent. He sat through a whole 2 hours of Drew Barrymore trying to do a British dialect for movie night this weekend. And he rubbed my feet.
    He also continues to talk to me after I complained about my period for 48 solid hours. That's very, very nice.
  3. This is @kittyesquire and her hot fam. They just LET me live with them this summer, to be closer to my work. Because they're nice.
    I get to LIVE with those children. Isn't that NICE?!?
  4. Really though everyone I'm surrounded with is just REALLY NICE.