@finesse I think those you live with would enjoy/enjoy scoffing at this (?)
  1. I've copied ever my decision Taylor Swift has made with her hair since 2009 and I can't stop now
  2. People from high school won't recognize me at the grocery store anymore
    Seriously I have the option to no longer look like this and I haven't taken it yet (?!)
  3. If they do recognize me, they'll assume I'm being productive and moving on with my life, because look how much I've changed!
  4. I feel like you look sort of scam-my if you still have the same hairstyle as you do on your driver's license photo
  5. I'm convinced my hair would look less perpetually oily if it was bleached and fried again
  6. Did I mention I don't want people from high school to recognize me at the grocery store
  7. I currently bear an uncanny resemblance to this local actress that was in an anti-bullying campaign
  8. My role models include Leslie Knope, Elle Woods, and myself as a three year old
    All politically active, driven, intelligent, and very blonde
  9. Also literally you guys like NO ONE would know who I was at the grocery store I would feel so free