Hopefully I didn't oversell these...
  1. When I was 13, I had to kiss Ephriam Cook. He was six inches shorter than me, and suggested I also wear heels for comedic effect.
    I mean junior high school was bad enough.
  2. In eleventh grade, Peter Rosen casually referenced (bragged about...?) making out with me during a conversation with his ex-girlfriend.
    He'd actually only kissed me once in Oklahoma auditions. But his ex never spoke to me again.
  3. I was so nervous during a performance of The Tempest that I clamped down on Casey Dunn's face.
    This LEGAL ADULT ran back stage screaming, "You guys, Lauren BIT ME! You know how much that turns me on!" My fifteen year old self never lived this one down. A year later, my fellow camp counselors introduced me to young campers as "The Biter."
  4. I literally made a goal to make it out of high school without being asked to kiss Brett Jenkins.
    I requested not to be cast as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and was cast anyway. We were also asked to come up with our own blocking—I think just because the director shipped us (which looking back on it sounds borderline inappropriate). But you know, it all worked out okay. Things In My Life That Belong On a Corny TV Show