The History of My Obsession With Felicity Jones

  1. When I was fifteen, I was cast as Miranda in a very unconventional production of The Tempest.
    Guess who else played Miranda in an unconventional Tempest?
  2. So I cut my hair exactly like Felicity Jones and tried to replicate her dress.
    You don't get to see pics of that because I failed miserably, but I was very dedicated.
  3. This was also the year I saw her perform in Northanger Abbey opposite JJ Field. I was very jealous.
    Northanger Abbey is the second most hipster Jane Austen story you can be into. I felt pretty cool.
  4. Also, Like Crazy.
    Great film that goes forgotten way too easily. Felicity outshines Jennifer Lawrence of all people here.
  5. When I was seventeen, I requested to be cast as Margot Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank.
    Because guess who else played Margot Frank?
  6. When she was nominated for an Oscar my heart exploded.
    I love Julianne Moore but how could she have beaten my baby?!
  7. She's also gone through life as the queen of nerd cameos.
    Doctor Who and Spider-Man. I want to be her so badly.
  8. And now y'all are going to fall in love with her in Star Wars Rogue One. Understand?