1. I know I'm only going to become better friends with my family as I get older.
  2. I know that just like my 10 year old self could never fathom or handle what's going on in my 20 year old life, so my 20 year old self can't fathom or handle whatever my 30 year old self will be up to.
    But I will when I get there.
  3. I know that I can use the experiences I'm gathering in my life to help someone else feel less alone.
  4. I know there are two kinds of discomfort: the feeling that you're making a bad decision, and a phantom version, which I create because I'm nervous about a good decision.
    I know that mistaking either of these feelings for the other can be really damaging. I also know that I still have a hard time differentiating between them.
  5. I know that that if I want to stay inside, I should probably make myself go outside.