1. Spoilers ahead, but...
  2. It's time, right?
  3. I felt like a stage play was an awkward medium to use for the story they were trying to tell.
    If I wanted to write a montage, over twenty different settings, and multiple flashbacks, my creative writing professor might suggest a screenplay.
  4. There was no structure.
    This might be a personal one. I love seeing cohesion and symmetry and thee solid acts, especially when I'm watching/reading a play. This show wanders.
  5. I was excited to see Hogwarts move forward.
    It was disappointing to me that so much of the play was about literally turning back time to live in the original Harry Potter novels.
  6. I can't for the life of me think of a time where Bellatrix Lestrange could have been pregnant and given birth.
    Bellatrix was born in 1951, which means she was already in her mid-forties when she was freed from Azkaban. I'm assuming she was severely malnourished. I guess there's probably a lot of dark magic involved, but...We see her at the end of books five, six, and throughout seven and I just...NO.
  7. Voldemort was brought back to power.
    He DOES have a child. There IS a way for him to return. The stories are true. No one's dealing with post traumatic stress. All their fears are validated.
  8. It literally reminded me of the Very Potter Musicals.
    Like I love VPM but isn't it a little insane that time travel and sex with Voldemort are both in the spoof of the thing and the actual thing?