Anyone who tells you high school was better than college is lying--but I do miss a few things.
  1. Everything was inside
    I never pictured myself getting frostbite walking from class to class in high school. Now I can picture it very well.
  2. Sluffing was harder and had less tempting results
    My on-campus dorm bed is always so close. And there are no judgmental adults between me and a nap.
  3. Tiny milk cartons
    No one needs more milk than what's in those tiny milk cartons.
  4. Knowing everyone's name
    Even if they weren't my friends, I shared a big piece of common history with most of the students in my high school.
  5. Assemblies
    None of us had class from 8 to 9 AM, and someone from the administration was up on stage getting a pie in the face.
  6. Football games cost like three dollars
    I still don't want to go, but in high school I could show polite interest in sports one day of the year without it costing me a fortune.