1. How to make friends as an adult
    Schedule a dinner party/go to other people's dinner parties, apparently. (Really the same as any other time: be around and be kind.)
  2. How to get thoughtful wedding presents on a college budget
    Just go to the back of a TJ Maxx
  3. That 'Happy Endings' is way better than 'Friends'
    Not sure how I'm just discovering this one, but...
  4. That progress isn't linear or constant, and it doesn't happen naturally. We constantly have to chose what we want America to be.
    Tonight I went to a solidarity march against white supremacy and the violence in Charlottesville.
  5. I don't ALWAYS have to plan ahead. I'm capable of making decisions in the moment.
    I took a road trip this weekend with 2.5 days of planning, and it was a blast!
  6. If something sounds really cool—but impossible...just try anyway!
    Like driving to Idaho Falls in time for the solar eclipse, with only 5 hours to spare. We made it and it was awesome, but I almost talked myself out of it. I'm really glad I didn't.
  7. That sometimes you have time to take two (or three) paths diverging in a yellow wood.
    I thought performing on stage was something I wouldn't do again once I chose not to be a theatre major, but two years later, I still really miss Shakespeare, and I'm going to find a way to make it a part of my life again.
  8. That I'm an extrovert (gasp!)
    I've self identified as an introvert since I was old enough to know what the word meant...but this summer taught me that I recharge around people.