1. A Broadway Across America production of Newsies
    Bless him.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    Because he sort of looks like Andrew Garfield, but learning how to look more like Andrew Garfield never hurt anybody.
  3. Meet Joe Black
    I love this movie and it didn't matter if I'd already told him the entire plot twice dang it
  4. Legally Blonde
    What, like it was hard?
  5. Serenity
    He first won my affection by watching Firefly at my request and then refused to finish the epic saga??? How can you not watch this movie?!
  6. Ever After
    This, I believed, would give him insight into my personality. I am an indentured servant with a bad fake British accent at heart.
  7. Roman Holiday
    The best movie ever made.
  8. The Bachelorette
    He actually loves this and I might start live listing things he shouts at the TV.
  9. Little Women
    See my list, "Ways In Which My Life Resembles the Plot of Little Women" Ways in Which My Life Has Resembled the Plot of Little Women
  10. The Breakfast Club
    Because he was younger than me and I wanted to see where are commonalities would be. 😉
    Suggested by @solitarygigi
  11. Harry Potter
    He doesn't like Harry Potter! It's upsetting. But he promised to watch all 8 movies with me. However, you almost reneged on this promise after we got engaged, probably because he figured I had asked him to marry me before we had finished so I must love him a lot? But he eventually finished watching them with me. This was after I also made him promise he had to have a good attitude. No grumpy pants while watching Harry Potter allowed!
    Suggested by @teamgivan