I'm spending the next semester in my parent's house and I've been sort of embarrassed about telling people. BUT YA KNOW WHAT?
  1. I left a job that bummed me out.
    My job on campus was a cool experience, but my work wasn't creative, and it didn't matter to my boss whether I was the one that got the work done or it was someone else. It was hard to feel motivated. Work was my least favorite part of the day and that shouldn't be true.
  2. Living here pushed me to apply for a sweet internship.
    I'm going to be spending the semester working downtown as a marketing and social media intern for a company that hosts motivational conferences for women. It's going to be scary and new and busy!
  3. Hanging out with my sisters doesn't have to be an event anymore.
    I've spent the past hour just lounging on Sarah's bed while she does homework, and I don't feel the need to demand what's new with her or anything. We're just housemates.
  4. My roommate now loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer as much as I do.
    @BrookerT12 I love ya but we both know you could never keep up with my television obsessions like @finesse.
  5. @williamharrison can stop by to cook me guacamole burgers at the drop of a hat.
    Yes this is a stock photo from the recipe card. I didn't take an actual one. But they were GOOD. 😘
  6. I don't have an excuse not to work out anymore.
    It seemed like there were always 200 girls with perfect ponytails and color-coordinated track suits running in a loop around campus. Now I have access to weights and a treadmill in the same building that houses my bed. I can look as gross or run as slow as I want, and no one's there to judge.
  7. I got to re-decorate a room!
    I get antsy if someone doesn't let me re-decorate a room every three or four months.