1. Have I never made Sarah watch an SNL sketch?
  2. Why don't we hang out more?
  3. 70% of hanging out with me is watching Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton impersonations!
  4. That might be why we don't hang out more.
  5. I mean, she IS subjecting Chris Hemsworth to the same objectification his female counterparts always deal with in similar roles.
  6. Which is probably the point—hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a token male hottie and also recognize how ridiculous that trope usually is.
  7. Because having to pretend like we don't want to see guys we find attractive on screen is ridiculous.
  8. But it's also ridiculous to think that the only person who can be funny or fun to watch or universally appealing has to be a man.
  9. If this movie is successful, it could pave the way for a whole new age of representation in blockbusters.
  10. Also, it looks genuinely funny.
  11. I spent three months working on a research report about the portrayal of women in science fiction in high school! I interviewed professors from international universities!
  12. Didn't I make Sarah read it?
  13. Of course not. She was like ten.